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Tax Liens

West Palm Beach Tax Lien:

can be placed on any asset that you own. This includes your personal property such as a home, automobile, bank account, or any other asset that the IRS would like to take from you in order to satisfy your outstanding debt. If you have received a notice that the IRS is looking to place a lien on your property, it is important that you contact a Boca Raton tax lien attorney right away. Ross Greenberg worked for the IRS for 7 years as a tax lawyer, he has the experience and expertise to help you.

Tax Audit

West Palm Beach Tax Audit Lawyer:

is the only person that can represent you, who has to maintain your privileged communications. There are only three types of professionals that can represent you before the U.S. Tax Court; a CPA, an Enrolled agent, and a West Palm Beach tax lawyer. A CPA and an Enrolled Agent are legally permitted to say things that could potentially be against your best interest. A West Palm Beach tax attorney has to maintain your privilege at all times. The IRS can never call them to testify against you. They would not be permitted by law to say anything that could hurt you or your tax audit case.


West Palm Beach Tax Lien

Have you received a notice from the IRS that they are going to pursue a lien against you? While it is not as serious as a lien notice, it is still very serious. If you have received a lien notice, you need to call a Boca Raton lien attorney right away. Ross Greenberg served as a lawyer for the IRS for over 7 years and knows what it takes to fight the IRS on a levy notice.


Tax Law

The Greenberg Law Group handles all types of tax matters including, tax liens, tax levies, offers to compromise, payroll tax issues, tax audits, penalty abatement, bankruptcy, delinquent returns, seizures, and foreign bank accounts, and tax planning. Greenberg Law Group has helped individuals and businesses in front of the IRS for 13 years. Ross also worked for the IRS for over 7 years and knows the inner workings of the IRS. He understands deals that they will make and deals that they will not make.


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